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Encounter Jesus This Lent

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? Do you want to help others find the answers to their deepest questions? ChristLife’s Discovering Christ course invites others to hear the Good News and personally encounter the person of Jesus.

You’re invited to Facilitator Formation for ChristLife’s Discovering Christ. Discovering Christ provides an opportunity for all people—from Catholics to the unbaptized—to encounter Jesus and grow in their faith through a relational context.

This unique Facilitator Formation experience will give you everything you need to evangelize and grow in relationship with our Lord through a small group of fellow faculty this Lent.

Discovering Christ is the first course in ChristLife’s three-part relational evangelization process. Over 1,000 parishes have used this Christ-centered process to ignite the new evangelization and missionary discipleship in their communities. Training for Following Christ and Sharing Christ will be provided later in 2021.